Slither Publisher June 16, 2018
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How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press spacebar for charging, use the left mouse to assault, and use key Shift for sneaking.


Continue to fight against more opponents in a tough survival game called! After experiencing the original game, now its second chapter is finally out giving you further challenges to beat. You spawn in a map and start collecting lots of materials on the ground, like wood, stone. After that, you can start crafting many tools, weapons and even shelters using those collected materials. They all help you get through the dangers around. Feel free to work with other players for building large defenses together. Teamwork is also a crucial element that can lead you to the success. So try to support each other! When you make a progress, you can totally establish a large stockpile consisting of further weapons and tools for your survival. The goal here is to be the strongest survivor on the entire leaderboard. Try your hardest to achieve that goal! Come play game now!

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