Slither Publisher December 8, 2018
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How to play: Use keys A/D for turning, press key W to boost, and use key S to stop.

About Drillin.io


Drillin.io – a massive web browser IO game online in which you direct a drill around a big arena in an attempt to slice your opponents in half. The enemies are armed with their own drills as well, this means that can also slice you if they have a chance. You need to protect yourself from their attacks, quickly bite off their tails, wipe them out and earn yourself a huge mass. Make sure to go farther up in order to strengthen your drill. Keep an eye on the green blocks that are used to slowly gain mass, while the red blocks will be utilized for launching into bigger enemies. Watch out for your surroundings as you may get ambushed by the opponents anytime. Keep growing your mass and never stop powering up your drill. You should play with good tactics if you want to dominate the arena! Good luck to you!

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