Slither Publisher January 15, 2018
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How to play: Use arrow keys to move your character. Click right mouse to open the shop, change the weapon with the mouse wheel scroll, auto fire with key F and use key Enter to chat.

About Duals.io


Duals.io is a great Zombies game like Braains.io. It opens a real battle between you and enemies, with lots of hordes of zombies. You must prepare your abilities in advance before jumping into the arena of this IO game. Start to take control of your character carefully around the map to chase down your enemies, and when they are close to you, you must use various weapons to attack them. Keep in mind that the zombies are getting stronger, so you shouldn’t underestimate them and never lose your guard. Ambushing is easy to happen! Once you get ambushed by the rivals, you won’t have a higher chance to survive longer. There are lots of weapons featured in the game, you should make a good use of them to fight off the rivals. Your goal is to get through all dangers, reach the top spot on the leaderboard and dominate the whole battlefield!

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