Slither Publisher April 23, 2021
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How to play: WASD to move. Right mouse to aim/zoom. Left mouse to shoot. Shift to run fast. 1234 to switch weapons. Q to use abilities. G to throw grenades. M to open menu

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About Ev.io


Ev.io is a dynamic multiplayer HTML5 game set in a Sci-Fi world. Besides of “point and shoot” mechanics, a diverse range of abilities which included: teleport, sprinting, triple jump, flash grenades, smoke grenades, etc … can be chosen from. Just one click to battle!

Ev.io offers 3D graphics and a first-person view in a futuristic environment. You can either play against random players or play with your friends. The goal of the game is to kill as many enemies as you can and thus win the match.

The weapons system in Ev.io is a bit different from other browser shooter games, like other popular io games in this genre: Krunker or Venge.io. At first, you must choose a primary weapon: a hand cannon, an auto rifle a laser rifle. However, each of the different primary weapons falls into a different archetype, so pick one wisely. In addition to choosing a primary weapon, there are possible weapons for you to pick up: shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers spawned casually on map. Slain the enemy first before they do that to you!

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