Slither Publisher April 10, 2018
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD or the left mouse button to move around in space. Interact with your drones and others using the left mouse button.

About Exocraft.io


Start to battle against lots of tough AI guardians and show off your mining ability in Exocraft.io now! You turn yourself into a controller of an army of drones trying to dominate the whole galaxy. Instead of being round-based, this Space Asteroids IO game is more like an MMO in which you can freely build your own fame and take over the top spot on the leaderboard. You start off building an exclusive exocraft as well as put your effort into developing your own fleet. Fighting against AI guardians on planet is a must, so you should team up with some friends to take them out. The battle is getting more brutal as you progress. Aside from AI, the players also have to cope with lots of other defenses that are defending its precious resources. More content with nice game modes will be unlocked as a good result for your advancement. Good luck!

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