Slither Publisher October 20, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement, spacebar for jumping, and the mouse to look.

About Fallerz.io


Fallerz.io is an io game set in an exclusive world where players have to race against each other to get to the finish line for the victory. Show your racing skills now!

In this racing game, you have to conquer a world full of obstacles. These obstacles stand in your way so you must have a quick reaction to them to avoid them in time. You play the role of a cute bean-like character that is in competition with other players. You need to control your character, run fast, set directions, and more importantly, overcome all obstacles, for instance, poles, spikes, spinning terrain, etc.

Make sure you watch your surroundings as you move around the world in Fallerz.io game. There can be only one player winning! Anyone that makes it to the end becomes the victor. This is the main objective that you have to reach! If you don’t play it tactically, you will be defeated. So, play it with smart strategies to win!

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