Slither Publisher September 5, 2018
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement, press key Shift to spring, key F for interacting with enemies, spacebar for dashing, left mouse to assault, the scroll or key Q are used for changing weapons.


In, you have to experience many rounds of combat and attempt to finish off all enemies for a chance of becoming the last player that stands. Every single round of the battle, you will bump into so many enemies from across the world, and killing them all is your main mission. But first, you must roam the map gathering a bunch of weapons then quickly use them to destroy your rivals. Besides the weapons, make sure you gather some mystery crates with health packs. You will get more boosts or even stronger weapons from the crates and receive more hit points from the health packs. Try to use your weapons with items carefully, develop your own smart strategies throughout the course of the fight so as to outplay the rivals. Can you survive until the end of the combat and become the best survivor of all? Let’s join it now!

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