Slither Publisher October 25, 2017
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How to play: The mouse is used for taking control of your frog and letting him jump around the map.


Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in! You will become a frog that has to compete against other opponent frogs from around the world. This is a brand new IO game with RPG elements. As a frog, you are able to take a leap, move and explore every corner in the vast arena. Try to go catch as many flies as possible, squish other smaller frogs while eluding the bigger ones. You need to employ your strategies to cope with your opponents, like making them jump into your body. This will make them meet their doom, and give you more advantages. However, you have to dodge running into them, or else your game will come to a failure. This strategy IO game features a leaderboard showing the rankings of players. You will fight for the top spot! Also, don’t forget to unlock more awards from daily and weekly tournaments. Have fun!

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