Slither Publisher January 7, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse button to interact with blocks, the map, Space to deselect, Q to remove moves, E to undo

About is one of the classic strategy iO games. Become a commander and take control of an army. The main aim that you need to do in the upcoming match is to capture the biggest territory. It’s necessary to occupy the most blocks!

Play free online and explore a 2D map with multiple enemies from around the world! It’s important to outsmart every opponent on the server before you take over the entire realm! So, remember to perform every action strategically. After you start to join unblocked, you should gain unowned areas and neighbors as soon as possible. Each round will be able to contain 8 players. While fighting, you must defend your castle. Besides, unlocking upgrades is effective to improve your abilities. Just place towers around the base carefully! Do not forget to supervise everyone nearby! Begin your adventure and reset the top score right now!

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