Slither Publisher December 7, 2018
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How to play: Direct the germ using the mouse.


If you are seeking another Agario Style IO game to master, then give a shot to – a nice web browser IO game in which you play as a germ wandering around the big map to absorb foods. You must attempt to eat a lot of foods to grow your size, and once you have become bigger, you can go devour other germs that are smaller than you while keeping yourself away from the bigger ones. You can only eat up other players as long as you are the largest germ in the entire arena, this means you must take over the top rank on the leaderboard, which is not an easy objective at all. You must finish off all the rivals, eat them all and use your strategies to outwit them. Don’t forget to keep your abilities upgraded as well as customize your appearance. Are you ready? Jump into the challenges now!

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