Slither Publisher December 7, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to draw. Type your guesses using the keyboard.

About Guessing


Can you draw? Can you guess? How is it going to be if you perform your drawing and guessing abilities at the same time? Play game to present your skills as well as compete against many online opponents. This is a nice turn-based game with a simple gameplay. You will take your turn to draw, pick one from three words, and start drawing it in just 60 seconds. You have to make sure that everyone can guess what it is, and if they do, you will earn points. But if no one has the right guess, you get 0 point. Similarly, you must try to guess what your friend is drawing. Send your accurate guess as fast as possible for a high score. Make sure that you follow the in-game rules and try to increase your point! You will become the winner if you earn the best score when all the rounds come to a conclusion.

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