Slither Publisher July 4, 2018
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to perform the movement. Attack enemies with the left mouse or spacebar. Change weapons using number keys 1-4.


Enter a fantasy blocky 2D world in game to begin a brutal gunfight against lots of enemies from across the globe. The in-game world is kind of blocky, so it probably reminds you of Minecraft game. You start making your way through the map trying to kill a lot of enemies as well as excavate numerous resources in order to improve your character and level up yourself. Once you get some resources, like wood, stone, dirt, you can start crafting many items that are useful for your survival. In addition, you can even construct lots of buildings for a better defense. Try your hardest to shoot down all enemies when they are coming to you. You must perform this action fast, or else the enemies will wipe you out. Always have your strategies ready so you can cope with the sudden attacks. You must fight for your ultimate survival and the victory in this IO game. Good luck!

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