Slither Publisher January 25, 2020
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How to play: Navigate your character around the world using the mouse. Use the left mouse button to fire, use the right mouse button to dash. Use the mouse to choose and browse through discrepant weapons at every level.

About Gunfu


You may have tried out a lot of shooting io games in your browser, and now with GunFu unblocked, you will totally earn a new experience for yourself as it gets you through lots of challenges to conquer. You only have one goal in GunFu free shooter game, which is to become the best player of all. To that end, you must go eliminate all players around you within one session and make sure you will avoid the onslaughts of bullets from them at the same time. You will begin this epic battle with some basic weapons, but gradually playing, you will get access to new advanced weapons and can use them to rack up even more kills. Feel free to make use of a shotgun, a sniper rifle, heavy machinery, and even more other weapons. Dying is not allowed in GunFu game! But whenever you die, you will have to get back to level 0 as a starting point. Do you have what it takes to become the best shooter? Play it now!

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