Slither Publisher September 8, 2018
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How to play: Use keys WASD for moving your character. Click left mouse to fire, use the mouse wheel scroll to change weapons.


Perform your shooting skill in a nice web browser game called! At first, you spawn in the map with just some small weapons but you still have to use them to shoot down all enemies nearby before they have a chance to attack you back. As time goes by, you can increase your arsenal then use stronger weapons to finish off all enemies in just a bit. During the course of the gunfight, you have to protect yourself all the time because once you get shot, the game will be over instantly, and that means you have to restart it from scratch. The best strategy here for you to make others follow you around then you take this chance to shoot backwards. They won’t be able to hit you but you can hit them easily. Follow this strategy if you like it, or you can develop your own one if you want. The goal here is to become the best gunner in the arena!

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