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How to play: Use W-A-S-D or Arrow keys to move the camera, Left mouse to choose, Q/E/mouse wheel to zoom in or out

About HexArena.io


HexArena.io is a good strategy game unblocked at school. It is set in a special area in which you will play for free like a commander and fight against other people for the top spot. From the small territory and a weak troop, you need to make use of every available resource wisely. Sending the army will allow you to attack neutral areas or neighbors. If you are successful in capturing the target or the capital with villages, your timed income will be increased significantly. The money in HexArena.io online is important to recruit more soldiers, train units, build structures, and help you expand your empire quickly.

HexArena.io is one of the new iO games involved in tower defense. Actually, you are required to protect everything that you have achieved aside from occupying. It will be a crucial step to boost up your ranks. Once you survive, you will be able to unlock another stage and you can compete with those at your level, according to the ELO system. Have fun!

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