Slither Publisher December 30, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to navigate, left click to capture safe areas, right mouse to choose trap tiles

About HiveSweeper


HiveSweeper is a new free-for-all strategy iO game with a classic rule. Experience a difficult puzzle and expand your own territory! Getting the largest area of the map will be the winning key. With nothing at the start, you can achieve the goal if you know how to capture tiles. It is not a simple mission.

Play HiveSweeper unblocked against multiple opponents chosen randomly from around the world. You should outsmart them. Additionally, always watch out for deadly traps. To solve those dangerous places with a flag, you need to use the right mouse button. Keep in mind that a mistake in HiveSweeper online can make you lose immediately! Furthermore, please do not run out of slabs before you win or you will be eliminated! It’s possible to lure somebody into accidentally clicking on an obstacle. Most importantly, you must survive and grow your hive quickly! Can you claim the entire playfield and gain the top score? Good luck!

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