Slither Publisher February 21, 2020
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How to play: Use the arrow keys to move the ball around

About HoppingBalls.io


HoppingBalls.io is one of the most featured iO games where you need to control the ball of your own carefully. It is also about a competition. In which, you will race against multiple online rivals from around the real world. It will be an endless frogger track. And, you have to attempt a lot to occupy the top spot as long as possible.

Play HoppingBalls.io unblocked and explore an open space-themed map with 3D graphics for free. Right after you take part in the challenge, you should move your item skillfully. Actually, you will face tons of obstacles on the path. You’d better avoid them if you still want to continue and dominate the leaderboard. It’s necessary to bounce your object fast! It can help you escape from those traps and even deadly hits caused by other controllers nearby as in Bumper Cars. Once you survive, you will have the chance to reset the record with the highest score. Good luck!

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