Hunger Royale

Slither Publisher November 1, 2017
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How to play: Move your character around with keys WASD. Use the mouse for aiming, click left mouse to use items.

About Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale is a 2D Shooter game in which you will employ your tactics and excellent abilities to fight against a lot of opponents worldwide. You can add this new game to your favorite IO game list if you want, and play it over again to practice your skills. The game opens a savage battle where people are trying to get rid of each other for their survival as long as the dominance. You need to move around the map carefully, team up with your friends to take out stronger enemies, kill everyone in sight and be sure to defend yourself from their attacks. It’s up to you to make barricades, or just stay still in a safe location. Don’t forget to collect a lot of items on the ground, then make the most use of them to fight off the rivals more easily. Remember to watch your HP and food bar! If they are all run out, you will die! Good luck!

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