Slither Publisher September 20, 2018
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How to play: Use keys A/D to make the ball move forward or backward.

About is another web browser game about jumping to kill enemies. You enter the arena as a small ball and you must move it carefully then try to get it to the end of the map without running into any impediments on your way. The game features so many deadly obstacles you must avoid, such as spikes, lava, and swinging balls. Do not touch one of these obstacles, or else the game will be over instantly. During the game, the ball will keep bouncing as you make a move, but one some parts of the terrain, it will be bounced higher or lower. You should adjust the ball carefully and make sure you pass all the opponents who are doing the same task. If you are the first one reaching the end of the map safely, you will become the winner of the game. Have your skills ready for this challenge now! Wish you luck!

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