Junon Imposter

Slither Publisher January 21, 2021
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How to play: You can use WASD to move around, Evo interacts; if you want to use items, you can press space or click the mouse. Number keys are for switching between items.

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About Junon Imposter

Junon Imposter

Junon Imposter Game is a free io game. When you join in the game, you will play as one of the crew members in a space-station. But this strategy is not a peaceful place.

Junon Imposter online is a multiplayer-only game, you will play with other players, all of you are members inside a space station. Everyone will be given some tasks to finish. If all of the team finishes it safely, you will win. If you are the Imposter, your task will be different, you have to kill everyone else or find a place to set a bomb. Imposters can hide under vents, destroy the light, and kill anyone with an assassin’s knife, so all of the team need to be cautious all the time and report if they found a dead body. Then they can open a discussion and vote for the Imposters. There is an imposter among your crew and your job is to find out who it is.

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