Slither Publisher April 19, 2018
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How to play: Direct your ship to the left and right using left/right arrow keys or keys W/D. Use up arrow key or W to shoot your thrusters. Reverse the thrust by pressing down arrow key or key S. Press spacebar to boost, shoot weapon with key K/X.

About Kazap.io


Kazap.io opens an epic dogfight with challenges to explore! Once jumping into this 2D Shooter Space game, you will direct a ship around the galaxy to hunt for energy, absorb them as much as possible so as to increase your power. At first, you are just a small ship that is longing for a bigger size, you focus on gathering energy orbs spreading over the map. Once you get to size 30, you will get a better field of view. But at size 60, you will completely pop up on the mini-map, and now you can be hunted by others. You’d better attack the players that are weaker than you while keeping your ship away from the larger ones. But you shouldn’t get scared of the dangers much because with your massive power, you are able to hit the enemies before they approach you. The main goal here is very simple, which is climbing the ladder! Have fun!

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