Slither Publisher March 8, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse to move and kill rivals

About is one of the most thrilling classic io games free for all. It is a fun online multiplayer match in which you need to destroy as many people as possible. It is essential for you to rank up before you take over the leaderboard. It is not easy to climb up to the top spot because you are playing against a lot of aggressive men from around the world.

The most dangerous characters will gather in unblocked and show their abilities to conquer the position they way. Therefore, you are required to follow every tutorial to increase your survivability and improve the winning chance. Specifically, you are recommended to murder persons around the level. It is easier to enhance the score. Not only that, you are advised to avoid killing somebody in the crowd. Additionally, you will be caught if you stand near dead bodies by the police. Try to stay alive, progress to unlock upgrades! Good luck!

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