Slither Publisher October 19, 2020
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How to play: Move your character using WASD. Rotate and shoot enemies using the mouse. Steer your ship by moving to sides.


Play online for a new epic io match! It’s a shooting game set in a 3D environment with unique graphics.

In unblocked, you have to get ready for a fight on the sea where you use cannons to shoot opponent ships. You belong to a team that is marked by a color. Also, you have a ship with a cannon attached to it. This cannon goes around doing a great mission: dealing damage to other ships. You have to aim then shoot their ships while protecting yours.

As you collect kills, you will have more XP points. Besides, you can collect more frags counter as you play and even a chance to control the arena. Develop smart strategies as you play to outplay others! The goal for you in game is to become the leader with the best score on the scoreboard. Come play it now to prove your skills!

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