Last Mage Standing

Slither Publisher January 12, 2021
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How to play: You can move around by using WASD or arrow keys, use the left mouse to shoot, and the right mouse ( or Shift + L) to dash. If you find any abilities, move over to take them. If you don’t feel comfortable with the setup, feel free to change them to your heart content by changing the settings.

About Last Mage Standing

Last Mage Standing

Last Mage Standing unblocked is a multiplayer game with a fantasy context. It is a fascinating RPG brawler game. You have to move fast if you want to win. This is an exhilarating RPG online game.

Last Mage Standing Multiplayer is an RPG brawler game with many game modes for you to choose from. Battle Royale( PVP -1 to 3 players), Co-op tower defense ( PVE – 1 to 4 players), hold the gold ( PVP- 1 to 2 players)… you will never get bored. Last Mage Standing Online will sacrifice both PVP lovers and PVE lovers. There are guardians with different abilities, from magic spells, enchanted weapons to mystery creatures, for you to choose and match your play style and your game mode. Choose them wisely and carefully.

Maybe one day, you will see your own name on the leaderboards. There will be many attractive rewards for top players. If you feel bored playing alone, why don’t you form a long-term alliance with other players? You will get more rewards. And one more particularly remarkable point about this game is that you can play last mage standing online as one of your Guardians. Each one has unique attacks, awesome abilities, and beautiful skin, they can be lever up, too.

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