Slither Publisher April 18, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using the arrow keys.

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Let’s see how well you can jump between platforms that never stop getting smaller in a fun free-for-all game called In the game, you begin to jump from this platform to another one as you try to elude the deadly lava and block your enemies from moving. Also, you must gather a lot of diamonds to increase your points. All diamonds will become valuable further away, and the difficulty will be increased when you make advancement. Therefore, you need to find the accurate balance of danger and reward. It’s so important to block your enemies. If someone is making a dangerous move, you should take this chance to wipe him out. It won’t be easy to survive in this lava world just for collecting diamonds, but your main goal is to dominate the whole world like this. Try your best to achieve the goal! Give it a shot now and wish you luck!

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