Slither Publisher July 6, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your snake around the map. Click left mouse to speed up.

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If you are a fan of snake games online, especially, make sure you won’t miss a chance to play Little Big Snake which is another Slither Style IO game. The game bears the same gameplay as its predecessor, however, it will drop you in a much bigger arena full of cunning snakes controlled by real human players. You start as a small snake roaming around the map to hunt for lots of orbs dispersed on the ground. Try to eat them as much as possible to increase your size. Once you have earned a long body, you can use it to encircle other enemy snakes, block their path, and force them to crash into you. When you succeed in killing them, you should grab their orbs to enlarge yourself. Another great thing about this snake game is that you can totally play as a Juja bug flying around the map. You can land on the ground to gather orbs too. Don’t forget to join some quests, earn achievements and evolve your snake into the stronger one! Good luck!

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