Slither Publisher January 26, 2021
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How to play: Move the beans with the arrow keys or the WASD key.

About is a battle royale game free for all. You can experience this bean racing game with your computer or phone in your browser. The gameplay will definitely be exciting for your entertainment. free game simulates a hilarious bean race. In a race with lots of beans, your task is to control your bean safely through the obstacles, not falling into space. If not, you will return to the starting point. In this unblocked, to win you must become the last survivor. More importantly, you must pass other players to finish first, to qualify for the next round. The beans and obstacles have different colors to make the game interesting and attractive. In the keyboard version, you may have to move the magic beans in various ways from the keyboard to the controller by moving the mouse pointer to look around. It may seem like a fun control but is more familiar to most players.

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