Slither Publisher July 25, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your character. Click LMB or use spacebar to change your star with your circle.

About game takes you a playfield where all players have to protect their own stars and fight for the top rank on the leaderboard. Similar to other IO games, you have to prepare your strategies as well as skills when you fight against your opponents. You control a circle and a star at the same time, and these objects can be swapped each other when you feel a need. Around the map are plenty of orbs that can be consumed to develop the size of your circle. So feel free to eat them up as much as you can, then your circle will get stronger than ever. The reason that you must swap the star and the circle is to give a protection to your star, especially when you run into an enemy. If your star gets hit, your game will come to an end instantly. Try to gain a lot of kills, survive longer then you will be able to reach the top!

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