Slither Publisher April 23, 2018
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How to play: Use WASD to direct your mech. Press spacebar to base the enemy, use the right mouse button to trigger your shield.

About is a shooter game that is kind of identical to Quickly join it now for a chance of confronting with new players from around the world. You start to direct your own mech around the map to destroy numerous opponents by utilizing lots of strong weapons, like railgun, flak cannon, rocket launcher and more. Focus on killing these rivals, but you also protect yourself from other enemy attacks. As a mech, you are also armed with a shield that can be used to block the projectiles that are coming to you or you use it to decrease the explosive damage. Feel free to perform a bash, which helps you debilitate an opponent for a second, and you will have sufficient time to take him out. You must put your effort into becoming the most powerful mech of all. Will you be able to achieve it? Give it a go!

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