Monopoly IO

Slither Publisher October 16, 2018
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How to play: Simply use the left mouse to click and interact with everything in the game.

About Monopoly IO

Monopoly IO

Jump into a fun yet challenging classic trading board game called Monopoly IO! The game is inspired by the original Monopoly that was a popular trading game in the past. This time, it’s brought to the web, allowing all players from across the world to enjoy it free online in their own browser. Pick a match you want to join, a private one or a public one. You need to wait for a few people to join your lobby and the game will begin when everyone is ready. The task here is to buy a lot of properties using your money, then, you can use them to trade with other players. Make sure to gather the properties of the same color group for purchasing houses or hotels. By doing so, the rent you charge will be developed by more than 10x. Don’t forget to use your strategies so you can outwit your opponents and win the match!

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