Slither Publisher September 1, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys or keys WASD for the movement. Tap spacebar to shoot the ball, use key Shift or Z or M for a booster.

About is an interesting Soccer-based IO game where you can freely perform your sports skills and compete against so many enemies from around the world. Move and run around the vast playfield while trying to find the ball, then, quickly shoot it into the proper nets to increase your points. The more points you have, the higher chance you will get for reaching the top rank on the leaderboard. The gameplay mechanics of this IO game won’t be different from the other basic Soccer games, however, you still have to perform all skills you have, and even use your tactics to deal with the opponents. They won’t be hesitant to get rid of you for their own sakes. Everybody’s goal is to dominate the highest position on the scoreboard. Hence, you need to play as a hostile footballer that wants to kill anything standing in your way. Keep increasing your points, prevent your enemies from scoring, defeat all of them and try to lead the match!

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