Slither Publisher August 24, 2018
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How to play: Use arrow keys to move your character.

About Namcap


Namcap is a web browser game inspired by the classic Pacman game that was very popular on the Internet in the past. This game with the .io concept allows you to play with so many friends from across the world. You have to pick a team you want to join, the team yellow or the team ghost then jump into the action. If you are the member of the yellow team, you should go eat the green dots for points, confuse your chase using a blinding item and don’t forget to absorb a pill to revenge on the ghost as well as eat them back. The mission of the team ghost is that you have to chase the yellow enemies to eat them all then steal their scores. Surprise them by breaking a wall, try to eat a pill, gain points and earn some additional wall breaker items. Enjoy the game then lead your team to the glory!

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