Slither Publisher August 6, 2018
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How to play: The arrow keys are used for moving. To carry out the light fast assault, press key Q. To perform the hard-hitting assault, use key W. Press key E to avoid the dangers and key R to use your special skills.

About Obsidio


Throw yourself in a tough battle in Obsidio game and grab this chance to present your abilities. The game is free for all. You can play it in your browser anytime. The main task here is to wipe out all opponents using your excellent abilities while protecting yourself from being destroyed by others. For every kill you pick up, you will totally get 40% of the target experience and 10% of it if you get a help. Keep doing so to accumulate your experience through over time until you get close to the victory. Take that chance to finish off all enemies for your arena domination. Make sure you notice the players’ colors, including gray, green, yellow and red, ranging from weakest to strongest, respectively. You need to know what targets you should kill and what targets you need to avoid. Play with good tactics then turn yourself into the best fighter of all!

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