Slither Publisher January 8, 2019
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How to play: Move the ball using arrow keys or WASD. Use the mouse for rotating view and press the spacebar to split.

About Orn.io


Inspired by Agar.io, Orn.io also brings you wonderful challenges to conquer! The game is set in a huge 3D environment with stunning graphics. You will take control of a rolling ball around the map trying to absorb as many dispersed balls as possible to increase your size. When you come across players’ balls that are smaller than you, quickly eat them up to get larger while staying away from the ones who have bigger balls, otherwise, you will get eaten. Make sure to elude the deadly spikes dispersed around the arena as well, or else your ball will be divided into many tiny balls, which causes you to be eaten by other players easily. Always have your tactics ready in advance to cope with the dangers around you! Keep enlarging your ball until you rise to the top rank on the leaderboard! Don’t forget to unlock more awesome skins for your character! Have fun!

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