Slither Publisher September 6, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for controlling your character around. Click left mouse button to shoot.

About is a new free for all 2D Shooter IO game where you have to move around the playfield with your gun to aim and shoot paints to kill all enemies that you bump into. Around the map are plenty of colored food orbs which can be eaten and collected. You are supposed to eat them all for increasing your power, gaining experience as well as your points. Besides enemies, you will see there are several monsters and triangles that are wandering around the map too. You need to kill them all, and this will help you boost your experience very fast. When you have gained a lot of points, you can use them to improve your stats for more power, like attack damage, fuel regen, bullet damage, movement speed, health point regen, max health point and body armor. There is a fuel bar on the left side. You should pay attention to it during the combat. If it runs out, you need to eat foods to refill it as fast as possible. Just like other Multiplayer games, you need to climb the leaderboard for your dominance!

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