Slither Publisher December 18, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD keys to control the paper block

About 3 3 3 is a successful HTML5 iO game after It has the same gameplay as and different from Actually, you cannot die if you hit a tail. Hop into an interesting free online multiplayer race and you need to occupy the largest area of the map quickly!

Play Paperio 3 with a small square and you should move carefully. While you are roaming, you will also draw lines. Try to create loops to capture the land you want as soon as possible! Remember that it is a competitive match unblocked so you can meet somebody else’s trail whenever! Keep calm and set traps to eliminate him if necessary! Run into them and they will explode! So, you do not need to defend your head if you access 3. When your space is expanded, your scores and ranks will be increased. It’s easy to apply the old tips and tricks to your present journey! Are you ready to engage in the challenge and become the top player? Good luck!

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