Slither Publisher November 3, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to set the direction for your character. Click right mouse to dash.


If you are a fan of classic rock, paper, scissors game, then take a chance to join which is a great Strategy game online where you can play with so many players. This IO game will follow the same rules which are that rock can kill scissors, scissors can kill paper, while paper can destroy rock. There are up to 100 levels you can experience, your speed will be developed through every single, and you will get one skill point too. Then, you can use that earned point to improve some abilities such as dash distance, cooldown reduction, or even receive an additional life. You can perform the dashing skill to catch you targets, during the dash, if you receive a power-up of reset cooldown, your dash will get doubled. If you are being chased by someone and there is also another one chasing them, be sure to use the phantom mode power-up wisely to bait the killer, make him die, then go kill his enemy. Killing enemies will let you take a part of their points. Attempt to gain more points and become number 1!

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