Slither Publisher April 8, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement, mouse for aiming, left click to shoot, and hold click for auto-shoot. On mobile, use the joysticks to control. Left joystick to move and right joystick to aim and shoot.

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About Polygun.io


Try a need top-down shooter game called Polygun.io to experience a new shooting battle. In this title, you must use your excellent skills and geometric tanks to evolve yourself as well as slay all enemies for your victory. The battle is getting much harder as you play, so don’t forget to use your reflexes, strategy, and tactic to get an upper hand on enemies. You are here for the kills, which means you must defeat all enemies getting in your way using your weapons while protecting yourself from their attacks. As you collect kills, your scores will be increased too. They are also your experience points that can be saved up for purchasing upgrades later. Keep an eye on the evolution tree where you can watch how fast you can progress. Whenever you are able to evolve, you will be asked to choose an upgrade. Make sure you choose it smartly because the selected upgrades will change the ones you can choose next. Can you outplay all enemies to become the top player in Polygun.io game? Have fun!

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