Slither Publisher October 28, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, shoot opponents using the mouse, reload weapons using R, and use spacebar for perk.

About Polyguns.io


In Polyguns.io game, you have to perform your shooting skills and outplay all opponents to become the best shooter in the arena. Play it now!

The world in Polguns.io online is full of opponents, so you have to survive it all. The battle in the game is not just a simple fight, it’s something more than that, in which you try your best to get as many kills as possible. You begin the game with just a pistol. Although it is just a common gun, it still helps you beat some opponents in the first stage of the game. When you progress as well as grow your level, more powerful guns will be available. So, make use of them to outplay others. Watch your surroundings, have your gun ready, and deal damage to anyone that is in your sight. Besides, you will get Polytags when you destroy a Polygun. Then, you can use them to get new skins. Start to play Polyguns.io!

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