PumpUp Hero!

Slither Publisher August 9, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse for punching enemies. Use your special skills by pressing keys QWE.

About PumpUp Hero!

PumpUp Hero!

PumpUp Hero! game puts you in the shoes of a flying hero who must rescue a lot of people that are at risk. You start flying through the skies trying to finish off many opponents and gather so many planes, balloons with other things dispersed around the arena to grow your experience points. With a lot of XP you pick up, you will be able to unlock further special skills which strengthen yourself even more. Keep in mind that you must kill all other superheroes in the same skies as they won’t be hesitant to wipe you out when they have a chance. Also, if you pick up more kills, your size will become larger and surely you will get stronger than ever. You’d better develop your strategies through over them, apply them into the fight so as to outplay all other enemies. The goal here is to become the strongest hero of all!

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