Rewind Space

Slither Publisher August 22, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for your snake movement. Press numpad “+” or key I to shoot, numpad “-“ or key O for triple shoot, numpad “*” or key P to make a speed boost, and use spacebar for the jump of head.

About Rewind Space

Rewind Space

Rewind Space is a Snake-themed IO game which is kind of similar to, however, it still has several different points. You will jump into the game arena as a tiny snake then start moving around the playfield to eat the blocks for increasing your length. Every time you make a move or eat the blocks, you will gain a lot of experiences and points. Also, you may earn more points from killing the opponent snakes too. Try to get rid of them with your excellent abilities and tactics, absorb their head, wipe them out while you keep your snake alive. In addition, the length of your snake must be developed through over time. When it gets longer, you will be able to fire, make a speed boost, enter the third dimension or even move through deadly impediments. There are some striped blocks that you can see when you move around. Try not to run into them, or else the life of your snake will end! Good luck!

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