Slither Publisher September 27, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using WASD. Press key Shift to use your shield, spacebar to speed up, mouse to shoot and key B to open the shop.

About is a tough and intense robot combat! You become a member of a team when spawning in the map, and your job is to help your teammates beat all enemies to gain the control of the map. It’s not easy to finish off the rival teams as they are kind of strong and sometimes cunning. You need to work with your allies to deal as much destruction to others as possible. There are plenty of weapons that can be picked up on the floor. They give extra firepower to your main cannon, giving you more strength to defeat the enemies. When you earn a lot of XP, you can use it to obtain the control of the map. Also, with a lot of kills you collect, your stats will be much boosted, taking you closer to the victory. Your goal is to lead your team to the ultimate glory. Have fun!

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