Slither Publisher March 4, 2021
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your shark.

About is an io game to explore the sea but still gives you a feeling of victory. This game is not like other games. When you joined unblocked you not only ate the other small fish but also annoyed the guests on the beach. online helps you to both explore the vast ocean and prove yourself the strongest. Getting started in the game for free can be difficult because you are just a tiny shark. You must always be careful because around you there are dangers lurking. The larger sharks can swallow you up. But when you grow up, the fish must be afraid of you, but in io games, your efforts will pay off. You work hard looking for other little sharks and eat them you will grow bigger. In addition, disturbing the tourists on the beach is a new interesting thing in this game. After each disturbance, you may get bigger. Play game for free to have an enjoyable experience!

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