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How to play: Use WASD, QWERT for the movement. Aim with the mouse and click left mouse to fire.

About is an Upgrades Space-themed multiplayer game set in the galaxy. The game opens a brutal combat in which players have to fight for the arena supremacy. You start it off by constructing and customizing your ship. Try to attach guns and armor to the ship then use them to finish off all enemies standing in your way while defending yourself from their attacks. If you soak massive damage, you will end up dying, causing you to restart it from scratch. When you make progress, you will earn money then use it to buy a lot of stronger weapons or even better equipment. Make sure to elude the enemies and cope with them using your weapons. Don’t forget to pick up more resources, upgrade your ship, survive as long as possible for a chance of building your dominance! The battle is on! So, let’s jump into the fight now! Wish you luck!

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