Slither Publisher January 14, 2020
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How to play: Aim and shoot your enemies using the mouse. Press R to reload, C to crouch, P to pause the game, keys 1-9 for changing weapons, T to open chat, Enter to send, and spacebar to jump.


Get ready to step into an epic gunfight in a first-person shooter-styled io game called There are lots of players awaiting you ahead and they are ready to kill you. Prepare your skills with strategies in advance to destroy them. You must choose a cool weapon before entering the fray. When you make your way through the arena, you need to hunt for enemies then quickly shoot them all before they inflict damage on you. Do whatever it takes to remain alive for as long as you can because if you meet a sticky end, the game will be over. It is important to stay on the lookout all the time. You can watch your back, your front, and your two sides. Avoid all enemy shots in time and kill them when you have a chance. The more kills you pick up, the higher the scores you earn, which helps you climb the rankings. Will you rule the leaderboard? Join unblocked!

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