Slither Publisher November 5, 2019
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How to play: Draw with the mouse, use B for the brush, E for the eraser, F to fill the bucket, C to clear the drawing and Z to undo an action.


Drawing games are so wonderful to play. Now, you can check out unblocked – a new io game about drawing and guessing free in your browser. You will definitely love it when it allows you to become both an artist and a guesser. The job for the artist is to draw stuff relating to a given word so other players can guess what it is. You should not deliver many details! Just draw carefully and help others guess it. If you play as a guesser, stay fully focused on what your friend is drawing. Then, quickly type your correct answer into the chatbox and submit it directly. If you are the first and the fast one having the right answer, you will earn an extra score. When all rounds come to an end, the winner will be the one with the highest score and can rule the leaderboard. Have a blast with online game!

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