Slither Publisher February 14, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD to roam around the map, LMB to shoot, scroll the mouse wheel to change weapons.

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Free For AllIo Games

About is one of the top MMO shooting Io games that you should play and experience the big collection of various weapons which are scattered across the battlefield. Join the match with some hostile characters and fight against each other to prove who the boss is. is a Free For All title. So, you’d better keep an eye on those who are around you.

To start game, what you need to do is to master controls which help you move throughout the map and battle your opponents. It is easy to switch weapons when they are available. Not only that, you are able to set down several turrets to prevent dangerous shots from killing you and much more. The best tactic that you can manipulate in is to select objects on the path to block incoming projectiles before they cause damage to you. If you are chased, lead him to an open place and hide behind something that can cover your body. Then, you can trap and eliminate that chaser. Let’s begin and discover every tip now!

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