Slither Birds

Slither Publisher December 29, 2018
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How to play: Move your snake around the map by using the mouse. To speed it up, you click the left mouse button.

About Slither Birds

Slither Birds

Slither Birds is an amusing and fantastic snake game which is a nice combination of and Angry Birds game. You have a snake bird, and before you jump into the arena, you should set a cute nickname to it. Once the game is kicked off, you will start to direct the snake bird to go gather all the multicolored eggs dispersed around the map. The more eggs you pick up, the larger you are. While on this mission, make sure to elude touching other snake birds, or else you will end up getting destroyed. If you want to slay them, try to surround them with your long body and force them to run into you. Don’t forget to speed up to bypass others, but if you do this too much, the size of your snake will be reduced. Try to play tactically, survive and evolve your snake into the largest one in the arena.

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