Slither Publisher August 5, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your snake and click the left mouse button to speed it up.


Among snake-themed io games, is the most famous one played by most of the online players from around the world. You will slither your way through an open endless map packed with colored dots and enemy snakes. The dots can be eaten to grow your size, which makes your snake stronger and longer than ever. As you get larger, you can kill other enemy snakes by encircling around them, having them crash into your body, or even speeding up to block their movement, which kills them too. Once an enemy dies, you should quickly devour its dead drops to get larger even faster. But still, make sure you watch out for other snakes as they can take this chance to destroy you. Keep surviving in a huge arena full of dangers like this until you top the leaderboard and become the best snake in free unblocked! Are you ready? Let’s start your adventure now! Much fun!

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