Slither Publisher November 29, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your snake around the map. Use the left mouse to speed up, the right mouse to throw dynamite to the enemies and use Enter to chat.

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About slithercraft

slithercraft game unblocked is a cool multiplayer game combining and Minecraft. If you are a huge fan of these two games, you will love for sure. In this title, you are also a little snake slithering its way through a big map, but this time, you will hunt for Minecraft blocks. Try to collect them as much as you can to better the size of your body. The more blocks you own, the bigger you are, making your strength grow through over time too. If you pick up the diamond block, you will earn the maximum number of points. Other enemy snakes are slithering around you. You can use tricks, tactics, or any schemes that you have prepared in advance to kill them all. The special thing about unblocked is that you can throw dynamite to the enemies, killing them immediately. Give your snake a speed boost to go catch all targets or run away from other tough players. Will you become the biggest snake on the server? Play it now! Have fun!

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